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Accountancy services

Parker Business development are an Accountancy Firm based in Birmingham we offer a wide range of services to our clients these include

  • Strategy and Growth

  • Tax Planning

  • Business Protection & Improvement

  • Compliance and Assurance:

  • ISO 9001:2000:

Tax savings for the owner managed limited company Even if working as an employee of your own limited company there are savings of up to 23% of your gross income available using our tax efficient remuneration service.

Tax Savings for the self employed So, what can the business owner do to mitigate National Insurance? One option for those currently trading through a partnership or sole trade must be incorporation linked with tax efficient remuneration and dividend planning. Such a scheme will save all national insurance, provide security of limited liability and create a one off opportunity to realise the goodwill tied up in the business.

Shelter tax in a limited liability company If you are trading through a partnership or sole trade you will pay tax at your highest rate on your profits regardless of the amount you draw out of the business. By moving the trade to a limited company you will effectively shelter tax by paying corporation tax at 19% on the first £300,000 of profits you make.

Save £100,000 using this simple piece of tax planning By including a nil rate band discretionary trust in your will you effectively utilise each spouse’s nil rate band. Currently £250,000 at 40% is £100,000 tax saved.

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